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Thetraditional story of art focused on white Western male artists and the idea ofprogressive genius. It overlooked artists based on gender, geography, and raceto simplify the story. So what happens when we take the blinkers off? Artcritic Charlotte Mullins' new book, A Little History of Art, publishedby Yale University Press, explores a thrilling journey through 100,000 years ofart, from the first artworks ever made to art's central role inculture today. Starting with the Spanish conquistadors and Moctezuma II andtraveling to Benin City, London, Kyoto, Rome, and New York, this talk based onher book considers the complex network of art and presents an alternative viewof some familiar favorites.


  • Charlotte Mullins (Art Critic, Writer)

    Charlotte Mullins

    Art Critic, Writer

    Charlotte Mullins is an art critic, writer, and broadcaster. She has worked as the arts editor of the Independent on Sunday, the editor of Art Review, the V&A Magazine, Art Quarterly and is the newly appointed art critic for Country Life. She has written over ten books, two of which are art books for children, which were published under the pen name Charlie Ayres.

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