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How we think matters. Errors in thinking cause issues that go far beyond our individual concerns. These errors and biases contribute to a wide range of societal issues, including political polarization, complicity in climate change, and ethnic profiling. They can also come into play for people who run businesses--how they hire staff, interact with their colleagues, set strategies.

This program is a survey of research findings and theories of how we think, and their real-life applications. Professor Ahn draws on decades of research from other cognitive psychologists, as well as from her own groundbreaking studies. Using fun examples from K-pop dancing, anecdotes from her own life, and illuminating stories from history and the headlines, the program shows how we can improve not just our own daily lives and tackle real-world problems through better awareness of our biases but also the lives of everyone around us.


  • Woo-Kyoung Ahn (John Hay Whitney Professor of Psychology at Yale University)

    Woo-Kyoung Ahn

    John Hay Whitney Professor of Psychology at Yale University

    Woo-Kyoung Ahn is the John Hay Whitney Professor of Psychology at Yale University. After receiving her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, she was assistant professor at Yale University and associate professor at Vanderbilt University. In 2022, she received Yale’s Lex Hixon Prize for teaching excellence in the social sciences. Her research on thinking biases has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, and she is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Her recent book, Thinking 101: How to reason better to live better received 2022 Non-Obvious Book award.

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