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Yale graduate Yuefei Qin has been serving as a village chief in a remote Chinese rural township for 5 years. He will tell the stories of Serve for China, a non-profit founded by a group of Yale graduates to empower village chiefs and rural entrepreneurs across China. Meanwhile, another two young village chiefs from Tibet and Hunan, users of Serve for China’s online crowdfunding service, will share the stories of their rural startups. An onsite crowdfunding session will be held for four rural startups at the end of the event.

Yale Center Beijing wishes to thank Colm Rafferty (Yale '04 MBA) for his generous support of the event.


2:00-2:30pm: Registration & Refreshments
2:30-3:55pm: Talk and Q&A
3:55-4:10pm: Crowdfunding


The language of the event will be Chinese.


Free for professors and students; ¥60 for others. Ticket sales will be donated to rural startups supported by Serve for China

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  • Yuefei Qin

    Yuefei Qin

    Mr. Qin Yuefei graduated from Yale in 2011. He is a founder of Serve for China. Currently he serves as a village chief and a representative to the local people’s congress in Hunan Province. Yuefei is a recipient of the First-Class Medal for Meritorious Service, one of the highest commendations for civil servants in China.

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  • Xiaobo Zhang

    Xiaobo Zhang

    Mr. Zhang Xiaobo, a University of Tibet graduate, has served as a village chief in rural Tibet for 8 years. During his service, he led his villagers in several successful entrepreneurial endeavors and significantly improved the living standard of the people.

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  • Wen Zhao

    Wen Zhao

    Zhou Wen is a village chief from Hunan Province. She built an organic black-bone chicken farm as an effort to increase the income of her villagers and to help impoverished rural students as and childless senior villagers.

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