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Yale University has been promoting sustainable development of food system. Base on innovative ideas and projects, Yale serves healthy and eco-friendly dishes, and improves the local agriculture and food industry. The event will feature a talk by Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality, along with Q&A session. Mr. Taherian will introduce value, vision, and strategy of Yale’s dining, and exchange views on how to build a sustainable food system as a commitment to improve health and environment for our younger generations


The language of the event will be English.

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Purchase in advance: RMB 20 for students; RMB 60 for Yale alumni; RMB 80 for others.

Please note: All attendee information collected by Yale Center Beijing through the event registration form on this website, or by any other means, will be kept strictly confidential. Yale Center Beijing will never distribute, sell, license, or otherwise make available for any purpose, any attendee information to any third party, unless otherwise required by law.


1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Rafi Taherian (Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality)

    Rafi Taherian

    Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality

    Rafi Taherian is the Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality. His work history encompasses more than 25 years of progressive expertise in hospitality leadership. Mr. Taherian has been recognized nationally as a seasoned veteran in piloting various industry leading sustainability initiatives and has received numerous awards for his vision and leadership in conceptualizing and implementing innovative hospitality programs. In 2016, he received the Gold Plate Award from the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, the most prestigious food service honor.

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Standard Price RMB 80
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Standard Price RMB 20
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Standard Price RMB 60

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