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For over 100 years, prenatal care has been provided in an exam room, behind closed doors. Group prenatal care is an innovative approach to providing care that brings prenatal care out of the exam room into a group setting. This model, developed by a Yale midwife, has been disseminated increasingly widely across the U.S, and has been demonstrated to dramatically improve critical perinatal outcomes and the experience of care, particularly for low-income and minority women. We will explore how midwifery models of care, including out-of-hospital birth and the philosophy of “physiologic birth” are transforming maternity care in the U.S.


The language of the event will be English.

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4:45 PM - 5:15 PM
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
Discussion & Q&A


  • Gina Novick (MSN '83, PhD '09, Associate Professor at Yale School of Nursing)

    Gina Novick

    MSN '83, PhD '09, Associate Professor at Yale School of Nursing

    Gina Novick is an Associate Professor at Yale School of Nursing in the nurse-midwifery specialty. She received her MSN in midwifery in 1983 and her PhD in 2009, both at Yale. Dr. Novick’s work focuses on understanding and advancing alternatives to conventional models of maternity care, including birth centers and group prenatal care. Dr. Novick has provided midwifery care in a wide range of clinical settings for over 30 years and practices with the Yale Midwifery Faculty Practice.

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